Nerdy AF

Welcome to Nerdy AF. This is were we do action figure and statue photos from my collection for all the internet to see. The Photos are done by me. Some of my work is from 11 years ago. We review from Sideshow Collectables to Hot Toys. Enjoy your stay in my website and stay Nerdy!

New Pictures


New Pictures of Wolverine Premium Format By Sideshow Collectibles are now in the gallery. Click to see more and hope you enjoy the new pictures.  If you have any other requests for pictures please contact us in our contact section.  Thank you

We will Have new photos every week here in Myth Studios.  This has been a dream come true for me and this company as all the pictures you see here are for fun with no profit for me or the organization.  All the pictures seen here are from my own collection and I'm sharing this hobby with you all today.  I used to do video reviews but photography has become my passion over the years.  It is a hobby that not a lot of collectors have.  My main goal is to do justice to the figure and to display it the best way  possible for all you fans of Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and Kamen Rider, and more to enjoy!  If you want to see a specific figure have a photo shoot, contact me!

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